Alpha Chiropractic


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14 July 2017
Great! Thanks for sharing, want to check this place out. At least look into it further. Thanks.


Hi Richard. Jeff was excellent. My back is almost back to 100% and this in after just one session. of course, every "Body" is different but I really like their attitude here. It is all about maintenance. A body tune-up once a month to keep the body in ship-shape.
Fantastic! Thanks for sharing and letting me know. Thinking this will be better then a bandaid solution of going for a massage.
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12 July 2017
I want to thank Alpha Chiropractic for fitting me in as an emergency client this morning. I had been experiencing debilitating lower back pain and needed to have it attended to today as I had reached a low point and the pain was excruciating. I called and told them I was a client about 2 years before and they invited me in immediately without any fuss or rejection...to see one of the new doctors Dr. Jeff Lin Xin. Just amazing. Now I know they are not miracle workers but the manipulation that I experienced earlier today has given me more freedom to move about, the customer care by the receptionists and the care and treatment given by Dr Jeff was top notch. I will be signing up for a monthly maintenance programme as I used too many years ago. To keep the body in shape will help to avoid this critical situation to happen again in the near to long term future. Thank you so much for attending to my needs today. Greatly appreciated!


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