Focus On Love With Jenni Albrecht


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8 August 2017
Hi Health transformers This is a bias review however Im going to say this..it is rare that you find something of immerse value. Sure I get it, its not for everyone. Most people believe they are eating well, they are eating the recommended daily amount of fruit and veg. The WHO says we need to be eating 9-11 serves daily..I don't know about you however I'm not able to do this EVERY day.The other awesome thing that I can offer my customers is the fabulous JBT program ...full of recipes and so much more to support you to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Would love to support you with your health goals and maybe you would be interested in helping others to do this too. Look forward to hearing from you


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6 August 2017
Fantastic story and thanks for sharing. Quite inspirational.


Hi Richard Thank you for checking out Focus on Love Im curious to know what you found inspirational. I have always wanted to inspire people..to be the best version of YOU, to dare to dream and live the life YOU want.Too many times we settle,we take on these BS stories that we can't do something, we compare and listen to others more than listening to ourselves..backing you and going for it Thank you again for taking the time to comment, really appreciate it Hoping you are living and loving life
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5 August 2017
Great product you have here with Juice Plus. And good to know you have a focus on Love Jenni xx


Thank you so much Matt for your comment For me its a no brainer to focus on love...what we focus on is what we get to exclusive of everything. Have you ever decided to buy something.. lets say a red sports car and for days that is all you see lol Im curious what you loved most about the product ...for me it has taken my health to another level.
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