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Whether you have a comment or suggestion to share, we look forward to hearing from you. For more general feedback, feel free to reach out by emailing contact@expatchoice.asia For press inquiries, email us at contact@expatchoice.asia

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Our team of contributors not only have deep expertise in the topics they cover, but an undeniable passion to help others who need advice on how to make your expat life exceptional. Sound like you? Let’s talk—maybe you can write for us.

We are looking for inexperienced and experienced, qualified online freelance writers who share in our mission to provide practical, real-life tips for expats and inspiration to help you create your best experience while living and working away from your home country. We have high standards, something all our contributors are very proud of.

Please note that we DO accept unsolicited guest-authored articles, blogs, or posts.

Email us here contact@expatchoice.asia

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If you’re a collaborative, engaged, bright, and creative talent looking to join a company that prides itself on innovation, good ideas, diversity, and making a great product, we may just have something for you.

Join our team of top-notch editors, designers, programmers, and others as we continue to make a difference everyday in the lives of our expat readers across the globe.

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The Expat Choice Network is Asia’s fastest growing user-generated, digital review and recommendation resource providing information on goods and services for the entire expat community. The network is open to registered individuals and businesses across Asia at no cost.  Every business profile and article appearing on the network can be rated and reviewed by registered members. All registered members earn Bonus Points, for posting reviews, which are redeemable for privileges such as dining and entertainment vouchers. Expat Choice connects buyers and sellers in a digital marketplace!

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Are you local, expatriate, permanent resident or visitor to Asia?

Join Asia’s fastest growing digital review and recommendation resource specially designed with expats in mind.  See your bonus points grow instantly when you cast your votes and post your reviews.

We want you, no matter your race, nationality, culture or creed!

Expats are eagerly looking for your unbiased recommendations and reviews and they are wanting to act on them now. It’s your chance to make a difference and reap rewards every step of the way with ExpatChoice.Asia

We invite you to review, post and cast your votes on 1000s of expat choices in Asia. Everyone’s a winner with ExpatChoice.Asia. We invite you to sign up today and earn rewards instantly.

It’s free, It’s fun. It’s unbiased reviews at your fingertips.

What’s the ExpatChoice.Asia Difference?

What do you do when you are looking for a place to eat, drink, shop, play or book services. Most likely, you turn to the all-knowing Google for a recommendation. This is a good option "in theory" but on the other hand it often means you have to sift though unreliable customer reviews, and if the search results are in another language, decoding Google Translate will be required to check the finer details. Think of how many times you have conducted a Google or Facebook search, only to be returned dozens of search results – many of which are completely out of scope? Apart from making you frustrated, it also wastes your precious time.

This is where ExpatChoice.Asia comes in.

We give you unbiased targeted search results together with recommendations that are rated out of 8 points, ranked, voted on and reviewed by 1000s of locals, expatriates, PR’s and visitors to your Region each and every day.

The more you post on ExpatChoice.Asia, the more we reward you.

Exchange loyalty points for privileges such as wine, dine and travel perks, product launch invitations, VIP opening nights and industry events, theatre performances and so much more

So, what is Expat Choice.Asia all about?

Welcome to Expat Choice.Asia - unbiased recommendations and reviews. It only takes a moment to set up your own Expat Choice.Asia personal profile, then let the fun begin.

With your help, we aim to capture the best of the best across Asia - be it fitness or fashion, arts and leisure, or a night out to let off some steam. Expat life is not all champagne and roses - that's for sure, and we want to learn about all your awesome experiences and get your honest opinion on what to do, where to shop and everything that makes your expat life so unique.

There's a lot of hard work and planning that goes into living and working away from your home country, that’s why we created Expat Choice.Asia, we want to help you enjoy every day [and every night] while you are in Asia.

So How Does It Work? 

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Genuine Registrations

We are one of the first social review and recommendation resources in Asia to insist that all registered members use their real identities and share true details about themselves.

Anonymity undermines the sense of trust we support. Let's all be transparent to ensure we know who is rating, reviewing and commenting on content submitted to the Expat Choice.Asia network in your region.

Rate your experience from 1 to 8 and earn rewards.

We know people rely on unbiased reviews and referrals to help make informed purchasing decisions. 

The Expat Choice.Asia Network is a free review and recommendation resource providing information on goods and services for the entire expat community.

The network is open to approved individuals and businesses at no cost

Every business listed on the network can be rated and reviewed from 1 to 8 by registered members – all in a safe space. It’s your chance to share your expat life and experiences with others in your community – you help someone and someone helps you!

Share articles, inspirations, recommendations, photos, videos and more with expats across the globe. Connect with, follow and be followed by members, and create a spirit of change and camaraderie.

It’s your chance to make a difference in your world. So become a member now and make your voice count, and earn rewards along the way.

We love providing a place where our registered members can interact and share opinions. 

Whether its feedback, suggestions, questions or just general commentary, it always puts a smile on our face at Expat Choice.Asia HQ to see what you have to say.

As much as we love reading your reviews and comments, we thought it would be worthwhile to lay down some ground rules…presenting the Expat Choice.Asia 3Be's

Be gracious

People are more than happy to read what you have to say whether it’s positive or negative, but remember to be gracious when posting comments. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion so remember to be respectful to others. That respect also means no swearing or obscenities or uploading content that could upset our community – it’s not very nice to read or look at, so if we see it we’ll remove it and most probably block you from future use. Sorry for being so blunt, but let's be adult about our obligations here!

Be fair

It’s also really important to be fair when posting reviews and comments. Fairness also includes no bullying or name-calling because regardless of what context it’s in, it’s not fair to be called names and so we’ll remove it, and most probably block you from future access to the community!

Be safe

Just as a parting thought, always keep in mind that when surfing the net, you should NEVER share any of your personal information on a live feed. You can interact with other Expat Choice members by sharing opinions but just remember not to post your address, email, birthday or other personal information on a live feed. That's why you have your own Expat Choice.Asia personal profile. Please use the Expat Choice.Asia internal messaging service to connect and share personal information directly with other registered members. Have fun, but remember to be safe!

If Expat Choice.Asia Contact Care Team members spot anyone breaking these rules or posting something they shouldn’t, then unfortunately we’ll have to remove your comments and most probably block you from future access to the community. 

Post what you like but make sure there’s no swearing, bullying, spam or sharing of personal information in the public network.

If you repeatedly break any of our 3B rules, we'll have to block you, sorry.